Shafer's Diesel Services customer comments:


Thank you again for your “Macgyver Skills” to troubleshoot our Dodge Ram and get it up and going prior to my trip. We appreciate your ownership of the issues as if they were you’re own and expediency in getting it fixed. Thank you.

If ever we can be of reference to you let me know. You do solid work.

Also, the NAPA temporary floor mat and seat cover were appreciated, it shows you care. Keep with that!

Warm Regards,

Gary & Leah Corso

I own 2005 Chev Duramax with 64,000 miles on it.  Here is some history on the truck.

The previous owner used the truck as a daily driver to work which was less than 25 miles around trip and pulling a 5th wheel 2 to 3 times a year. Then the truck basically sat for 2 years.

A year after I purchased the truck the EGR code was results of the check engine light coming on. I asked a friend of mine (who owns a diesel truck) if he knew anyone who works on diesel trucks. He recommend Shafer's Diesel in Banks, Oregon.
Shafer's give me an estimate, cleaned out the EGR system, and fixed the problem.

Here's what I like.
  • They explained what was involved.
  • The cost was lower than the estimated
  • They were helpful, friendly, honest and trustworthy.
  • They even loaned me a gage system to track the PSI on my turbo.

Shafer's gets my 5 star rating. Thanks for giving me such great service. By the way, my gas mileage went from 14 miles to 17 miles per gallons.

Thank you again.

D. L. Nelson

Shafer’s has been keeping our fleet of OCDC school buses in great shape with preventative maintenance, annuals and repairs for more than 16 years! With transporting hundreds of children daily, we share the responsibility and privilege of keeping them safe. We count on these guys to be expert mechanics, so that we can focus on our jobs.

Bottom line is; we know we can trust John and Brent to continue to do right by us.

Ginger - OCDC

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