Diagnostic Testing

    Light Duty Scan Tool We use an OBDII scan tool to pull codes, and test your vehicle
    HD Scan Tool Our tool can check for all ECM’s equipped on your Medium Duty vehicle.
    OEM software
             IDS Factory Software
             Cummins Insight
             International ServiceMaxx
             Allison DOC
    OEM information from Quickserve, IC Navistar, BlueBird

A/C Service and Repair

Many medium duty vehicles are equipped with an aftermarket a/c unit. These units are usually custom installed and custom filled. We know how to service and find parts for these systems. We are certified to test and repair your automotive HVAC systems.


Electrical Diagnostics

Smart charger - modern day chargers will charge a battery with varying voltages and amps and self test the battery when it is through.

Electrical system test - We can test the charging, starting, and battery health on your vehicle.

Battery Draw Repair - We have good experience locating and fixing those annoying draws that leave you stranded.

Scope - Some problems can not be found unless they are witnessed using a lab scope.

Coolant Testing

Freeze point - We use a refractometer to get the most accurate freeze point of the antifreeze in your vehicle.

Diesel Coolant Additives - Diesel engines use an additive in the coolant to prevent cavitation and erosion from the inside of the water jacket. This damage is caused by the combustion in the cylinders making and collapsing small water bubbles around the cylinder. When these bubbles collapse they erode the surface of the metal. If left untreated engine damage may occur.

Truck and Bus Upfit repair
We have plenty of experience in diagnosing and repairing add on options for vehicles. Buses have items such as entrance doors, starter interlocks, window buzzers and alarms, extra switch panels.

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